It's of CRITICAL importance that we plant as many trees as possible.
You can buy tree saplings and seeds online or search for tree nurseries in your area. If possible, plant more trees in on your own property, in your community and regionally around you. Search your internet explorer for Tree Planting information, there are many resources. If possibly, also reach out to an organization of your choice below or others that can be found that are dedicated to planting trees and assisting others through education and resources. None of the organizations or companies listed below are associated with Mass Timber Map or any of it's partners. The listings are intended to assist you in your quest to better the lives of all of the worlds citizens.

United States of America / International

The Nature Conservancy
One Tree Planted
National Forest Foundation
Green Trees
Plant for the Planet
U.S. Forest Services
Trees Forever
Trees, Water & People


Wearth - Create your Forest
Forest Recovery Canada
A Living Tribute
Canadian Forests - Contractors & Nurseries
Forest Products Association of Canada
Replant Enviromental


8 Billion Trees
We Forest
World Agroforestry
Reforestation Action
Eat My Carbon
International Tree Foundations
Eden Reforestation Projects
Trees the Feed
Trees of the Future
Patt Foundation